Ballistics for everyone
Software made to help everyone with ballistics calculations



On this website you can download the Ballistics for everyone software for free. The software is primarily intended for calculation of ballistic trajectories of firearms but can be used for all kinds of ballistics with further knowledge. The software was developed in cooperation with Czech shooters and their long term experiences and recommendations resulting in a good function of the software. The software is easy to use and understand and it lets you know where is the problem if you do something wrong. The whole software can be used without reading the help function but it is included.


  • user friendly
  • adjusted for daily use
  • drag functions G1, G7 and GS for maximum range calculations, basic function of shrapnel drag
  • lists of more than 1000 bullets including the most modern ones by Hornady, Berger, Nosler, pistol bullets, rimfire bullets and diabolos
  • special calculations of ballistic coefficients for more than 100 bullets that are not available elsewhere
  • possibility of making, exporting and printing ballistic charts for you laborations and firearms
  • up to 10 presets can be saved from the main window of the software
  • possibility of using any hit position in the sighting distance
  • calculations of maximal range of firearms, damaged bullets, balls and fragments
  • well-arranged and detailed help function
  • head wind and tailwind calculations
  • comparison between ballistic trajectories of different bullets
  • unit conversion
  • sighting and corigating trajectory of the projectile in one graph, switching between metric and imperial measurements
  • spin drift, bullet stabilization (coefficient Sg), Coriolis effect calculations
  • works with metric and imperial system and remembers the last used

  • The software has a lot of extended functions and tweaks waiting for you to use them. The software is still in development. Occasional check of the website is welcomed. I hope that you like this software and you find it helpful in shooting and reloading activities. I will appreciate any feedback and suggestions for improvement. Feel free to contact me on
    At the moment we work on other small projects for the shooting community. This project was possible due to the cooperation of group of high school students Jan Černý, Pavel Černý and Tomáš Melichar. If you enjoy our work please consider supporting us by donating any amount of money.
    Best regards, Tomáš Melichar and Jan Černý.

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NOTE: Some web browsers can claim downloading this file is unsave. It is save and the code is public under OpenSource license.

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